Friday, 5 December 2008

Sound of 2009

We've gotta say, that when it comes to cherry picking the rising talents, the BBC have it pretty sewn up. Each and every year they release a list of acts for the following year.
Last year they came up trumps predicting the rise of the likes of Duffy, Adele, MGMT, Ting Tings and FOALS.
This year there's a whole new batch. 3 of which, I'm very pleased to say, have graced the stage at the Filthy Few Live! event which happens for free each month in East London.
So I'm going to be biased and start with the three who have graced our stage.
I've been plugging her on the podcast for a good while now. She played live for us back in May 2007...I was in a bit of panic because she hadn't soundchecked. About an hour and a bit before her scheduled stage time she turned up but minus her guitarist. Cue more panic...but, being the consumate professional, she said she'd do it acapella. And here she is. Live at Filthy Few.

Next up FrankMusik.

I've been a fan of his for a while after DJ-ing with him at the Proud Galleries. He was playing live and I hung around to watch him. His album's produced by Stuart Price of Madonna fame, but fondly known as the man who gave us one of the best Fabric Live CD's in the form of Jacques Lu Cont. We had him on our live stage on Halloween this year and he rocked it. The man's an awesome beat boxer too.

and here's the beat boxing....

Finally Master Shortie.
Seen as a bit of a cross between Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris. Still very young in the game. He's been working alot with Filthy Dukes on their live act. Unashamed pop music.

This post could go on forever so I won't keep you, instead I'll give you the names of the rest and you can google and youtube them for yourselves. My favourite final 3 suggestions are as follows.

Empire of the Sun - I blogged them right here on this blog the other week...scroll down and you'll find the video for their debut singer. If you like this then check out PNAU. I DJ-ed with them at Cargo for the London Airwaves Festival and have been hooked ever since. One of PNAU is in Empire of the Sun.

Little Boots - Another act I've blogged about and had on the Filthy Few podcast. Amazing

Passion Pit - Guess what?!?! Yes, I've put them on the podcast AND the blog. Think there's a pattern emerging here. Download the podcast and read the blog ;)

And the others in no particular order are :

The Big Pink

La Roux

Kid Cudi

Dan Black

The Temper Trap

VV Brown

Lady GaGa

White Lies

& Mumford & Sons