Friday, 5 December 2008

Sound of 2009

We've gotta say, that when it comes to cherry picking the rising talents, the BBC have it pretty sewn up. Each and every year they release a list of acts for the following year.
Last year they came up trumps predicting the rise of the likes of Duffy, Adele, MGMT, Ting Tings and FOALS.
This year there's a whole new batch. 3 of which, I'm very pleased to say, have graced the stage at the Filthy Few Live! event which happens for free each month in East London.
So I'm going to be biased and start with the three who have graced our stage.
I've been plugging her on the podcast for a good while now. She played live for us back in May 2007...I was in a bit of panic because she hadn't soundchecked. About an hour and a bit before her scheduled stage time she turned up but minus her guitarist. Cue more panic...but, being the consumate professional, she said she'd do it acapella. And here she is. Live at Filthy Few.

Next up FrankMusik.

I've been a fan of his for a while after DJ-ing with him at the Proud Galleries. He was playing live and I hung around to watch him. His album's produced by Stuart Price of Madonna fame, but fondly known as the man who gave us one of the best Fabric Live CD's in the form of Jacques Lu Cont. We had him on our live stage on Halloween this year and he rocked it. The man's an awesome beat boxer too.

and here's the beat boxing....

Finally Master Shortie.
Seen as a bit of a cross between Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris. Still very young in the game. He's been working alot with Filthy Dukes on their live act. Unashamed pop music.

This post could go on forever so I won't keep you, instead I'll give you the names of the rest and you can google and youtube them for yourselves. My favourite final 3 suggestions are as follows.

Empire of the Sun - I blogged them right here on this blog the other week...scroll down and you'll find the video for their debut singer. If you like this then check out PNAU. I DJ-ed with them at Cargo for the London Airwaves Festival and have been hooked ever since. One of PNAU is in Empire of the Sun.

Little Boots - Another act I've blogged about and had on the Filthy Few podcast. Amazing

Passion Pit - Guess what?!?! Yes, I've put them on the podcast AND the blog. Think there's a pattern emerging here. Download the podcast and read the blog ;)

And the others in no particular order are :

The Big Pink

La Roux

Kid Cudi

Dan Black

The Temper Trap

VV Brown

Lady GaGa

White Lies

& Mumford & Sons

Monday, 20 October 2008

Masters of the Universe

Not much to say about these guys other than listen.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Filthy Few

Filthy Few's very own production. Filthy Few Presents Act One.... Produced by Firas, DJ Risco & Christian Nockall.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Quick plug!!

Filthy Few is pleased to announce two new singles...the first from Portasound

The second, from us...

Please find links to download :

Portasound single - released on Filthy Few records. x500 limited release vinyl. Available from - To buy

You can use PORTASOUND - PLANK SHANTY on your blog if you like

Rob Da Bank played it on BBC RADIO 1 last week!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Arg eller God?

Listen to these tracks with those melodies:

Bandit Revolver - Arg Eller God?

Häxor & Porr - Dramabananen

They are part of the compilation "Yesterdjur, Yestermir, Yesterday" that was released in a small edition in sweden 2005 by Djur And MIR. Now all them tracks are available for everybody here:


So if the Bandit Revolver or Häxor & Porr tracks sounded good to your ears, then this is an jackpot for you!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Tune of the summer...

Loving's not by new or up-and-coming talent of nuffin'. It's basically just FUCKING GOOD.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Blood on the dancefloor

Fake Blood's been kicking around for a little while now.

At first there was a whole load of commotion (not to be confused with Kylie's Locomotion) about who this guy was. Loads of people thought it was an already famous-ish producer who was simply having a laugh putting out toooons under another pseudo-name.

Turns out it's a guy called Sang Foley from North London.

His new tune Mars is pretty f*cking special. It's got a sound that can only be described as BIG!

Coming out on Herve's Cheap Thrills him some support.

Fake Blood - Mars

Wednesday, 16 July 2008 I got greedy...


I did say I'd write two posts but then I found myself remembering comedy YouTube videos.

You know you love sitting around with some drinks and friends and having a YouTube off don't you.

This video made me laugh....only watched it again recently. The song is awesome and one friday I had an urge to watch it and realised how much Mr Mark Ronson had changed.

Someone definitely had a bit of styling before 'Versions', Amy Winehouse and all the riches and glory he now has.

Check out the hair cut!!

Glastonbury memories

I really should have written a review of Glastonbury because personally I thought it was pretty amazing.

I've done a verbal review of it on my podcast which you can get by going HERE

One of the best parts was Trash City and Shangri-La. 

Imagine the most random place on the planet and then times it by 1000.

One of the best memories was watching some kind of drag queen (though looking more like a feline than anything) dancing around to Kate Bush Wuthering Heights.

I'd forgotten how good this song was and it led me onto YouTube to watch the video a couple of times until my craving for it had subsided. It also led me onto the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain....a very dandy cover. Enjoy!

More blogs to come I promise.

I am leaving now for America. I am going to set the others free from the wrath of the Cruise-meister.

Barringtone Guest Mix

So where have we been?

The others have recently converted to Scientology and are living in Tom Cruise's basement. Tom's allegedly making them produce electronic music for his latest film using just a triangle, a kazoo and a saw.

I've been living deep within a whale after being swallowed up following a fishing trip with the Uku Uku men of Malaysia. It was an interesting experience.

Now I'm out I promise to post more and bring you some top tunage.

So I'll do two posts today before I wing away for the weekend.

First up...

A lovely man called Barry used to be in an act called CLOR.

Now he's ascended to the dizzy heights of a, legend has it at the core of British the House of Lords.

Barringtone's guest mix can be downloaded HERE

Tracklisting is below :

Borke Woerter - Foe Tim Out
Late of the Pier - The Bears Are Coming (Metronomy Mix)
Siriusmo - All The Girls (Tomboy Mix)
Chaz Jankel - Get Myself Together (Hercules HercHouse Mix)
DJ Edjotronic & Spoek - Strongbow
Discodeine - Ring Modulation
Matthew Dear - Don and Sherri
Barringtone - Craftwork
The Emperor Machine - Repitition
Architecture In Helsinki - Hold Music (Max Tundra Remix)
Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (D. Ramirez Mix)
Mike Monday - What Day Is It
Max Tundra - Mbgate
Bolt Action Five - Ca The Freedom (Barringtone Remix)
Armand Van Helden v The Klaxons - This Aint The Klaxons (Ursula 1000 Edit)
Si Begg - Non Stop Cut and Paste (Pirate Soundsystem Mix)
Late of the Pier - Space & The Woods (Barringtone Remix)
The Lazy Ones - Oh My God I Married A Horse
Mirror Mirror - New Horizons

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Shameless plugs and mighty thugs's been a good while...and we my friends are becoming SLACK so I'm hoping to kick start a new wave of written epics for your enjoyment.

A band I've been liking Bumblebeez. Now although this isn't my favourite is my favourite video.

I'm also semi-in-love with the girl from the band. Hot HOT red head. Amazing.

I am getting very excited about the new Filthy Dukes album.

They've got Plastic Little, Sam Eastgate (Late of the Pier) and more all featuring.

I've heard a pre-mastered...pre-finished copy and I'm very excited.

This is them DJ-ing at DQ in Sheffield.

And finally - I produce a podcast featuring music you may not have heard before...The tracklisting is below....if you like the look of it or are curious about the meaning of life...then I think you should download it.

It's a shameless plug admittedly but










Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Welcoming new DJ outfit




* Meet Me In The Car Park Intro
* Serge Gainsbourg & Bridget Bardot - Bonnie & Clyde
* Roxy Music - Angel Eyes
* Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing
* Dolly Parton - Jolene
* Cyndi Lauper - Good Enough (Firas LOVES The Goonies Remix)
* Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack
* Kriss Kross - Jump (Remix)
* Human League - Don't You Want Me
* Blur - Girls 'n' Boys
* Blondie - Call Me
* T Rex - 20th Century Boy
* Ram Jam - Black Betty

Thursday, 24 April 2008


Hi, this is here me Kim doing the first post in this blog publication. Our last night with the LOTP-people in london we ended up in our car listening to, among many things, this mix i made before we went to the UK in february. Enjoy it with your ears.


Oh, the tracklist...
Anton Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
Godzilla Main Title
Lucio Aquilina - Magic M
Human League - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
Phonique - Bang
Catz n Dogz - Fixation
Oliver Koletzki & Kiki - Don´t Forget To Go Home
Ricardo Villalobos - Baila Sin Petit
Dolly Parton - Jolene
Siobhan Donaghy - Don´t Give Up (Carl Craig Vox Mix)
Der Dritte Raum - Trommelmaschine
Ennio Morricone - We´ll Be Back Isn´t It Fate
Andre Crom - Bodenturnen Dub
Donk Boys - Zonky
Minor Threat - In My Eyes
Italoboyz - Zinga
Dr Alban - No Coke
Workidz - Washmaschine
Worthy - I´rste (Claudes R U Thirtsy Mix)
Modeselektor - 50 Weapons
Red Robin & Jacob Hilden -Lazy Jack
Anton Maiden - Run To The Hills
Blümchen - Blaue Augen
Marlene Dietrich - Kinder, Heut Abend, da such ich mir was aus
Din Stalker - The Raj (Beta)
Andreas Dorau - Girls In Love
Daniel Steinberg - I Like To Be
Audion - The Pong
Roy Orbison - Lana
Petre Inspirescu - Sakadat
Hefner - When The Angels Play Their Drummachines

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

a wonderful site for the bored.
loads of links to films/series/anime/documentaries

Out Hud - It's For You (Rub N Tug's Panarava Mix)

...incredible song

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Real Dirt On Farmer John

probably the best thing I've watched this year..and now its all up on youtube.

highly highly recommended

Killing Joke

Ever thought about spirals?

Monday, 7 April 2008

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Late of the Pier's Homecoming gig!

more band photography, tell me what you think!

This is all at the Polish Eagle Club in Nottingham, a relatively unassuming venue but it gave a nicer feel to what was probably the best gig of the past few months, with three absolutely amazing bands to match.

The main support were Kap Bambino and their lead singer, Khima France was an absolute joy to shoot. She had much energy and emotion, and kept coming into the crowd to get the semi-polish crowd to move a bit more.


Kap Bambino
Kap Bambino
Kap Bambino
Kap Bambino

Faley DJd for most of the night, i had a slot just after la la lepus while he went to get drinks, but i ran out of songs. Later on while Faley was preoccupied one half of La La Lepus took up the decks and didnt dissapoint.

Faley and La La

Late of the Pier were truly on form. If you know how much lead singer Sam strains his vocals in songs such as Focker and Bathroom Gurgle you can appreciate how spot on this performance was. Its also possibly the first time theyve had an entire run through of all the entire album's worth of songs!

I'm pretty pleased with the results i got from the entire night. The Lighting could have been better but bands like these are so easy to shoot, its all about energy, emotion and movement.

Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier

The other photographers who were around were Tim Eastgate (yes, a relative) and Danny North, shooting for the NME. You can probably spot them in a few of my photos, and they are tagged if you have a look in flickr.

Late of the Pier's set up

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Don't be a SMUCK...try your LUCK

Not got long as currently kicking it in NYC (yes I am showing off :) 

A chick I met last night told me to check out this band from Japan - and they're pretty cool.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Putting the E into MadgE

So...Madge has done Ecstacy.

Does this really surprise you?

Here's the story.

The 49-year-old admitted to taking the drugs during her acceptance speech into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, New York.Madonna said: "The night I met Michael Rosenblatt, who signed me to Sire Records, I jammed my demo tape into his hand, we both did a tab of ecstasy and then we danced the night away."

As she continued to talk about her early career she added that during her first meeting with publicist Liz Rosenberg the pair also took drugs together admitting: "We smoked a joint together."

Zarcorp does not condone drug use. It's WRONG kids.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Jumpers for goal posts.....

Them crazy cats Late of the Pier are organising a footballing jamboree in Nottingham to celebrate their homecoming.

Liars Club are hosting their Nottingham gig which'll take place in a Polish dancehall.

Support will come from Kap Bambino and La La Lepus.

The afterparty will see Captain Zarcorp (aka Faley) spinning tunes alongside Liars Club DJ's.

Read the NME.COM article.

Monday, 10 March 2008

New Justeeeeece


She was on Annie Mac's 'Ones to Watch 2008' list and my isn't she doing it, doing it, doing it now.

I reckon the debut album is going to be seriously BIG.

A Herculean feat...

From one of the coolest record labels on the block - DFA, come Hercules & Love Affair...currently uber-cool NYC muso fodder and general god like geniuses in waiting.

The name is a cover for mastermind and knob-twiddler Andrew Butler who's coaxed in a variety of collaborators including Antony (of Antony and The Johnsons fame).

The music is glitterball 70's disco that makes for hugely satisfying and nourishing ear sex.

The album 'Hercules & Love Affair' drops today (March 10th) - Check out the Myspace for more info.

Also check out the AWESOME video directed by the equally AWESOME Saam Farahmand. It guest stars Jamie Winstone, daughter of Ray.

Sam Sparro

I've been hooked on this guy for a good while now after getting sent the promo by a friend of mine.

Sam Sparro hails from Los Angeles via Sydney and proves that a white boy can have an awesome soul voice.

Signed to Modus Vivendi and now Universal in the UK - his other track 'Sally' is another killer tune.

He's coming over to the UK for gigs soon - and will be playing at the Camden Crawl. Check out his Myspace.

Check out his video for 'Black & Gold' :

Sunday, 9 March 2008

I'd like to Converse....

photo : me

I headed out to London's Hoxton Bar & Grill the other night for free alcoholic lubrication and the chance to see FOALS in intimate surroundings.
The party was to celebrate 100 years of Converse. 
Dirty Pretty Things were also on the bill but the real buzz was for FOALS.
Put simply. They were sublime.
Interesting, fast paced, excited, dance-able , well constructed ear damage.
Their debut album's due to drop fairly soon but check out their Myspace or Hype to listen to their tracks. The problem is, I don't think they do them justice.
Live they are simply energy and excellence personified. 
I'm dying to see them on a stage soon but their tour takes them to Europe and the US up until June and I'm missing their London gig in the coming weeks.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Little White Lies

Went to see A & R loved band White Lies last night in London Town.

Not sure if it was their first gig but the buzz was pretty immense...and they lived up to it.
Their sound is BIG. With strings, keys and great guitar they've got a well honed sound and felt too huge for the relatively small Hoxton Bar & Grill.
2 demos are up online. Go feast your ears.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Some other weekend fun!

Friday night was Late of the Pier in Leeds. I arrived around half an hour late because my escort failed to realise the importance of the support bands (slags and video nasties). When i arrived they wouldnt believe me that i was on the guestlist, and when they finally checked they said i needed an adult. They were polish. Its a scary accent to use. I can see why they are bouncers. I got in about half way through slagsmalsklubben's set and met up with hewett (of Copycats fame). I heard about 3 songs including malmo night party which is an excellent tune (see here).

It was a stormer of a set, and even though i missed most of it i really got a sense of what state of mind these guys put an unknowing crowd into. Everyone seemed very bewildered, or perhaps stunned is the right word. They make a really good first impression and there music is very easy to get along with.

Then i took some photos!

Then my dad bought us some beer, which was pretty cool, until a big polish vampire bouncer stole our beer and then stole us. We got chucked out. Not good. Me and Hewett went round the back to the dressing room and wallowed in our own self-pity. If we went back in the crowd we would get chucked out again, and the cockpit is the most unfriendly place ive ever seen. In other places they would just take your beer away and leave it at that. Security like that isnt even in rock city. And they rotate so you never know who youre going to meet. Some guy got on the mic during the start of bears are coming and they grabbed him in the most violent way. I dont think he got back in either.

Because of that we missed all of Video Nasties, but the tour manager and a skinny guy let us watch Late of the Pier from the back behind a small curtain, the one you can see rob poking out of in the picture above, but it was pretty poor for taking pictures from.

Me and Hewett managed to sneak to the side of the stage beside a couple of speakers. I did a video of Focker

The reason i stopped the video short was because i wanted some shots like this:

Here are some more of my favourites from the night:

i need to sort out my focus



Monday, 11 February 2008

The Grammys and weekend FUN

What an action packed weekend I've had.

Left London and arrived in Bristol at around 8pm to see the Pier boys do their thing at the Skins launch party.

It was at a skate park behind the train station which was a little dodgy getting to. I was at one point confronted by 10 lads in 'hoodies' but it turned out that they were actually members of 'The Bristol Tea Society' and all they were bothered about was whether I prefered peppermint or darjeeling tea.

So anyway I got to Bristol, inspected the boys' tour bus - watched their show - and then drank jesus juice and passed away in the hours in the bus listening to the fantastic Kitsune Maison 5 album (which features the 'Fairy Lights' mix of 'Broken').

We also watched their video for 'The bears are coming' directed by the monumental Saam Farahmand. The end bit is FUNNY.

It then got rather late and so I decided not to sleep and stay up for my train at 7am.

Arrived back in London at around 9am and literally am missing about an hour on the tube. In between Paddington and Liverpool St - anything could have happened to me.

The weekend was then spent having fun times around London. I met a guy with a guitar on the tube who had a BB King sort of voice and was amazing on the guitar. A tramp came and sat near him and started smoking on the tube (naughty naughty) - the tramp said it was his birthday and so the guy with the guitar sang him a song.

I listened to the Hot Chip album a fair bit - still really LOVE 'Shake a Fist' as well as 'Ready For The Floor' - the rest is still growing on me.
I was quite impressed to hear that Daft Punk turned up to The Grammy awards...

And I was also happy that Amy Winehouse looked better than we've seen her in the past few weeks. To win 5 Grammy's is quite an accolade. Quite why sometimes our media, or certain factions anyway, feel the need to almost break people. Then again - since that video emerged of her - she has been forced to seek help so maybe it wasn't such a bad thing.

She's a national treasure...someone we need to be proud of!

Check out this photo below - her at school with Billie Piper!

and here she is now - on the mend.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Eurrghhhh music

Zarcorp needs defibrillating. This is how its done. I was going to make a mix out of these, but then i didnt, ok? This is just a few of my favourite things at the moment, i want to get DJing again so i can play some of this in a club, it will sound absolutely massive.

Toxic Avenger

Do you know that sound like bricks in a blender? The overdriven sound that you thought only Justice and Sebastian could pull off? Toxic Avenger seems to take this to a new level and already has a huge list of intense and brilliant remixes under his belt.

Heres just a couple of my favourites///

Fredze Fred - All Da Motha Fuckas (Toxic Avenger Remix)

Late of the Pier - Space and the Woods (Toxic Avenger remix) (very old!)


Fredze Fred

I only just found this the other day, its some really exciting stuff, the same overdrive electro but theres a lot more going on and some real variety and inventiveness compared to his peers, and i assume hes already gathering a lot of interest.

Fredze Fred - All Th
a Motha Fuckas

Fredze Fred - Superbastards



Perhaps a little obvious, but I've been a huge fan for ages and i think ive got practically every single remix. Hes probably the best thing to have come out of ed banger, and easily holds the title for the best remixer of the last few years. Heres 2 of my favourite remixes.

Nadiya - Tous Ces Mots (Sebastian Remix)

Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear (Sebastian Remix)



Here is something i was only introduced to yesterday by my friend Mads from Electrojuice, and ive already fallen in love through just the 30 second previews on iTunes. The myspace is confusingly thin on the ground, but it looks like Siriusmo is already pretty big and has had various singles and remixes released already, which can be bought on itunes. This piece is some seriously funky shit, some Siriusmo tracks remind me of a mix between Oizo and discovery daft punk.

iriusmo - Girls Rock


Thursday, 24 January 2008

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Fancy Being In The Video For The Bears Are Coming?

A brilliant video idea for our next single has been slapped in our face by easily the most influential young director of the last 3 years of pop vids... He has asked us to recruit a gang of merry men and women as extras and we were rather hoping you lot would give it your best shot..

shoot date: wednesday 23rd jan 2008

You need to email a photo, measurements (including height) and telephone number to this email address: asap!!

No payment i'm afriad... but a damn good excuse for a day off school/work to have a laugh.

Shoot is outside london, but there will be transport from a specified location in london - therefore london fans preferable, unless you can transport yourself and anyone wanting to attend will need to bring their own food stuffs

Don’t delay if you want to be part of something exquisite!


lots of love your faithful noise mongers.
Late Of The Pier


video: Late Of The Pier

sorry about the absence all... i was happily skipping back home from an xmas bash when i fell into a stray fag packet.. i've been trapped in there for nearly a month but after a horrifying ordeal involving a panther, an irate cheesecake, a weird room with red curtain walls and a dwarf who talks backwards i'm back on the blog-o-sphere.

late of the pier are touring through feb... we've got our good mates The Video Nasties & Slagsmalsklubben (yes...from those videos down the page a bit) along for the ride and we're calling it the SUPER MEGAGEMS least until we decide it's stupid and change the name..
anyway to tell people we're playing shows we thought we'd knock up a little video/audio delight for you while we were in the studio doing our album with erol. if the tours going to be half as fun as the video/audio was it's going to be 10 times better then winning an egg and spoon race.

Here's an hour-ish long mix i knocked up for some E4 Skins myspace thing.. i'm not really sure what, there's a couple of sketchy bits i'm sure but i had a laugh making it.
they've had do with it now though so i'll put it up for you lovely lot...

Zarcorp presents - Songs To Skin Kids To

LA Priest - Engine
Supermayer - The Art Of Letting Go (Ewan's Daft Funk Edit)
Yelle - A Casuse De Garcons (Punks Jump Up Remix)
Dubfire - Roadkill (Mylo Remix)
Kris Menace - Steamroller
Alter Ego - Jolly Joker (Extended Re-edit)
Adam Sky Vs Mark Stuart - We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers Remix)
Hugg & Pepp - Pung
The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit)
Gusto - Disco's Revenge
Earth People - Dance
Late Of The Pier - The Bears Are Coming (Metronomy's Extended Vocal Remix)
Radio Slave - Bell Clap Dance (Sebo K Remix)
Nathen Fake - Dinamo (Andre Breton Sweet Edit)
Inxs Vs Aerosmith - Need You This Way (Kleptones Mash-Up)

and here's a couple of tracks that're REALLY floating my boat at the moment...

Siriusmo - All The Girls (Tomboy Remix)

David Bowie - Magic Dance

'you remind of a babe'
'what babe'
'the babe with the power'
'what power'
'the power of voodoo'
'who do'
'you do'
'power of the babe..'

Monday, 14 January 2008


Click here to VOTE for Late of the Pier in MTV2's 'Spanking New for 2008'.

Do it. Do it now.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984....

photo : gigwise

This is more of a trip down memory lane than anything as well as a tilt of the hat. Sheffield's a top city and it's hard to get away from the fact they've produced one of the biggest bands (commercially anyway) of the past few years.

You may love them. You may hate them. But it's hard to deny the fact that the Arctic Monkeys are bloody talented.

As well as them you've got the Reverend & The Makers. But before that there was Judan Suki - who at some points boasted 20 members - including a certain Alex Turner and Matt Helders.

Then came 1984 - named after George Orwell's novel.

Not really sure why this post exists -but I stumbled on their Myspace pages, their music is pretty hot and thought I'd share.

Plus it explains the lyric from 'I bet you look good on the dance floor'.

"Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984. From 1984!"
Call it pub trivia.

I'll give you more than 1 good reason.....

photo : Primary 1

Signed to Phantasy Sound, Primary 1's hot property at the minute. Championed by the likes of Herve, Annie Mac and er...Vernon Kaye - he's knocking out banger after banger of sintilating speaker damage.

On top of all that he's a grade A guy.

Keep your eyes peeled for up coming live dates...he's already played the likes of Hoxton Bar & Grill and Durrr.

Feast your ears on these two free fine cuts...and go buy his single. That's not a request, it's an order.

Buy 'Hold Me Down' (Phantasy Sound) from iTunes. Go on. Do it.

Primary 1 - Princess

Primary 1 - Outside

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Janet Jackson

As we told you a couple of posts ago the awesome Saam Farahmand's been in NYC recently making Janet Jackson's new video. Here it is.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

2008 is the year of the Pier.

photo : me
LOTP @ Chibuku, Liverpool.

I saw this while browsing the admittedly I may be biased.
Actually no, I'm not. Late of the Pier are fucking great - they epitomise what's exciting about 2008 and beyond. Deep, rich and varied. Never before has a band showed such contempt for pigeonholing sounds. 2008 will be their year. And I don't think I'm alone in thinking that. They WILL be bigger than The Klaxons.

An extract taken from : Guardian Online - Big in 2008

Isi Tufekci, Digitalism

"We think Late of the Pier could be bigger than Klaxons. They have three different sounds in one track: cool indie, 70s synths and techno, all at once. They're really young and produced by Erol Alkan, who does things like make a guitar sound like a saxophone. Another band we like are the Heavies, who are a mix of disco and funk - and the guy has an unbelievable voice. At the other end of the spectrum we like the long-awaited comeback album by an old band, the B-52s. They're back in Love Shack style. We like the Hot Chip album, too. It's a mix of 70s and 80s, but sounds like now."

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Bazooka That Deluka

Happy 2008! A new year and fresh start's upon us.

No more X-Factor, turkey or sh!t T.V. for another year.

As promised here's the awesome remix of Deluka by The Gash DJ's.

2008 is going to be blogtastic...

Deluka - Ike and Tina (Gash DJ's Elephant Knee Mix)