Thursday, 17 January 2008

Fancy Being In The Video For The Bears Are Coming?

A brilliant video idea for our next single has been slapped in our face by easily the most influential young director of the last 3 years of pop vids... He has asked us to recruit a gang of merry men and women as extras and we were rather hoping you lot would give it your best shot..

shoot date: wednesday 23rd jan 2008

You need to email a photo, measurements (including height) and telephone number to this email address: asap!!

No payment i'm afriad... but a damn good excuse for a day off school/work to have a laugh.

Shoot is outside london, but there will be transport from a specified location in london - therefore london fans preferable, unless you can transport yourself and anyone wanting to attend will need to bring their own food stuffs

Don’t delay if you want to be part of something exquisite!


lots of love your faithful noise mongers.
Late Of The Pier


Dani said...

If I still lived in the UK, I would be there, but alas, I'm an ocean apart. Good luck with it though! x

Olly said...

Is it Dougal?

Miguel said...

can' wait to see it...