Sunday, 6 January 2008

2008 is the year of the Pier.

photo : me
LOTP @ Chibuku, Liverpool.

I saw this while browsing the admittedly I may be biased.
Actually no, I'm not. Late of the Pier are fucking great - they epitomise what's exciting about 2008 and beyond. Deep, rich and varied. Never before has a band showed such contempt for pigeonholing sounds. 2008 will be their year. And I don't think I'm alone in thinking that. They WILL be bigger than The Klaxons.

An extract taken from : Guardian Online - Big in 2008

Isi Tufekci, Digitalism

"We think Late of the Pier could be bigger than Klaxons. They have three different sounds in one track: cool indie, 70s synths and techno, all at once. They're really young and produced by Erol Alkan, who does things like make a guitar sound like a saxophone. Another band we like are the Heavies, who are a mix of disco and funk - and the guy has an unbelievable voice. At the other end of the spectrum we like the long-awaited comeback album by an old band, the B-52s. They're back in Love Shack style. We like the Hot Chip album, too. It's a mix of 70s and 80s, but sounds like now."


Benny K said...

Everyone's bored of Klaxons. I've been listening to you for roughly the same amount of time, yet I'm not bored of you guys. Same goes to Digitalism actually; I'm kinda bored of Justice.
But yeah if you guys get too big I'll have to put my foot down i.e. don't wear small shoes i.e. don't get too big for your boots, boss. Eh?
See you at Joiners on the 2nd Feb hopefully! Who's support?

faley said...

slagsmalsklubben and the video nasties.
happy punk stuffs from the nasties and SMK are...well...they're amazing.
6 sweedish nerdy looking guys with analogue synths, all joined up with midi...ultimate party starters!


tapes said...

was wondering where the nottingham show was? i'm gonna have to get the bus to sheff.. suppose you'll be on at dot to dot?