Monday, 11 February 2008

The Grammys and weekend FUN

What an action packed weekend I've had.

Left London and arrived in Bristol at around 8pm to see the Pier boys do their thing at the Skins launch party.

It was at a skate park behind the train station which was a little dodgy getting to. I was at one point confronted by 10 lads in 'hoodies' but it turned out that they were actually members of 'The Bristol Tea Society' and all they were bothered about was whether I prefered peppermint or darjeeling tea.

So anyway I got to Bristol, inspected the boys' tour bus - watched their show - and then drank jesus juice and passed away in the hours in the bus listening to the fantastic Kitsune Maison 5 album (which features the 'Fairy Lights' mix of 'Broken').

We also watched their video for 'The bears are coming' directed by the monumental Saam Farahmand. The end bit is FUNNY.

It then got rather late and so I decided not to sleep and stay up for my train at 7am.

Arrived back in London at around 9am and literally am missing about an hour on the tube. In between Paddington and Liverpool St - anything could have happened to me.

The weekend was then spent having fun times around London. I met a guy with a guitar on the tube who had a BB King sort of voice and was amazing on the guitar. A tramp came and sat near him and started smoking on the tube (naughty naughty) - the tramp said it was his birthday and so the guy with the guitar sang him a song.

I listened to the Hot Chip album a fair bit - still really LOVE 'Shake a Fist' as well as 'Ready For The Floor' - the rest is still growing on me.
I was quite impressed to hear that Daft Punk turned up to The Grammy awards...

And I was also happy that Amy Winehouse looked better than we've seen her in the past few weeks. To win 5 Grammy's is quite an accolade. Quite why sometimes our media, or certain factions anyway, feel the need to almost break people. Then again - since that video emerged of her - she has been forced to seek help so maybe it wasn't such a bad thing.

She's a national treasure...someone we need to be proud of!

Check out this photo below - her at school with Billie Piper!

and here she is now - on the mend.

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