Thursday, 28 February 2008

Little White Lies

Went to see A & R loved band White Lies last night in London Town.

Not sure if it was their first gig but the buzz was pretty immense...and they lived up to it.
Their sound is BIG. With strings, keys and great guitar they've got a well honed sound and felt too huge for the relatively small Hoxton Bar & Grill.
2 demos are up online. Go feast your ears.


Ben Keeler said...

You guys should cover The B-52s (Rock Lobster). Or New Order (The Village). or Paul Simon (Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard)? Or Roxy Music (Editions of You? Love Is The Drug? Angel Eyes?), Talking Heads (Houses In Motion?). Bowie (Let's Dance)? Or just Whirlwind Heat!

Lia said...

that band is amazing!

Anonymous said...

There's a demo called Unfinished Business that's not on their myspace which is the best of the lot.