Sunday, 3 February 2008

Eurrghhhh music

Zarcorp needs defibrillating. This is how its done. I was going to make a mix out of these, but then i didnt, ok? This is just a few of my favourite things at the moment, i want to get DJing again so i can play some of this in a club, it will sound absolutely massive.

Toxic Avenger

Do you know that sound like bricks in a blender? The overdriven sound that you thought only Justice and Sebastian could pull off? Toxic Avenger seems to take this to a new level and already has a huge list of intense and brilliant remixes under his belt.

Heres just a couple of my favourites///

Fredze Fred - All Da Motha Fuckas (Toxic Avenger Remix)

Late of the Pier - Space and the Woods (Toxic Avenger remix) (very old!)


Fredze Fred

I only just found this the other day, its some really exciting stuff, the same overdrive electro but theres a lot more going on and some real variety and inventiveness compared to his peers, and i assume hes already gathering a lot of interest.

Fredze Fred - All Th
a Motha Fuckas

Fredze Fred - Superbastards



Perhaps a little obvious, but I've been a huge fan for ages and i think ive got practically every single remix. Hes probably the best thing to have come out of ed banger, and easily holds the title for the best remixer of the last few years. Heres 2 of my favourite remixes.

Nadiya - Tous Ces Mots (Sebastian Remix)

Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear (Sebastian Remix)



Here is something i was only introduced to yesterday by my friend Mads from Electrojuice, and ive already fallen in love through just the 30 second previews on iTunes. The myspace is confusingly thin on the ground, but it looks like Siriusmo is already pretty big and has had various singles and remixes released already, which can be bought on itunes. This piece is some seriously funky shit, some Siriusmo tracks remind me of a mix between Oizo and discovery daft punk.

iriusmo - Girls Rock



Benny K said...

I like his remix of Annie's Happy Without You and Cut Copy's Going Nowhere. Oh and Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name of course!

His own stuff though - Walkman, Ross Ross Ross, Smoking Kills!

You guys were epic last night, thanks a lot, come back to Joiners sometime yeah?

Btw who was the first support band? The two piece that sounded like a country Mystery Jets? And what was that new song you played called? I liked the System of a Down-type breakdown haha

Anonymous said...

These are the 2 remixes i havent been able to get hold of! I have a low quality version of going nowhere and havent got happy without you atall.


tapes said...

all i can say faley me duck,is bring on the polish inv. thats also where i'm having me wedding rep in July. great place. leki sends his love bag.

Dani said...

Toxic Avenger is also a really amazingly bad '80s B Horror movie about a nerd who falls into toxic waste while wearing a tutu.
Equally awesome to the group of the same name.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that snippet of information!

i already new it was an 80s film, but your little synopsis has made me want to see it for myself.

im off to blockbuster.