Sunday, 17 February 2008

Some other weekend fun!

Friday night was Late of the Pier in Leeds. I arrived around half an hour late because my escort failed to realise the importance of the support bands (slags and video nasties). When i arrived they wouldnt believe me that i was on the guestlist, and when they finally checked they said i needed an adult. They were polish. Its a scary accent to use. I can see why they are bouncers. I got in about half way through slagsmalsklubben's set and met up with hewett (of Copycats fame). I heard about 3 songs including malmo night party which is an excellent tune (see here).

It was a stormer of a set, and even though i missed most of it i really got a sense of what state of mind these guys put an unknowing crowd into. Everyone seemed very bewildered, or perhaps stunned is the right word. They make a really good first impression and there music is very easy to get along with.

Then i took some photos!

Then my dad bought us some beer, which was pretty cool, until a big polish vampire bouncer stole our beer and then stole us. We got chucked out. Not good. Me and Hewett went round the back to the dressing room and wallowed in our own self-pity. If we went back in the crowd we would get chucked out again, and the cockpit is the most unfriendly place ive ever seen. In other places they would just take your beer away and leave it at that. Security like that isnt even in rock city. And they rotate so you never know who youre going to meet. Some guy got on the mic during the start of bears are coming and they grabbed him in the most violent way. I dont think he got back in either.

Because of that we missed all of Video Nasties, but the tour manager and a skinny guy let us watch Late of the Pier from the back behind a small curtain, the one you can see rob poking out of in the picture above, but it was pretty poor for taking pictures from.

Me and Hewett managed to sneak to the side of the stage beside a couple of speakers. I did a video of Focker

The reason i stopped the video short was because i wanted some shots like this:

Here are some more of my favourites from the night:

i need to sort out my focus



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Lia said...

that looks amazing! I'm so jealous! too bad about the bouncer though!