Thursday, 20 December 2007



"6 men with analogue synths". 6 men who have reached a level of god like genius.

Im not even going to bother describing them. Ill let these 2 videos do the talking.


they have 2 albums out already and will be touring the UK in February alongside late of the pier and video nasties.



Ive heard them describe themselves as "Korvjazz" before, and although i dont really know what that is or what it means, it sounds like a good word to describe their genre. Its a bit ridiculous and bewildering at times, but after having got hold of both of their albums ive found some reaaaal nice tunes.

This is their cover of Bjork's army of me (done for a charity compilation CD a few years ago). It has killer whales in it.

50 hertz - Nigga Please (Electro/8-bit buzzes and bleeps)

50hertz - Fotbolls EM-SM Guld (Like Marmite)


They also sell ridiculously good t-shirts by SMK and 50hertz here: Djur and Mir


I think a great indicator of good songwriters and musicians is someone who can make a minimalistic song sound really powerful and exciting. Lo-fi-fnk achieve it with interesting and simplistic beats accompanied by seriously chilled out vocals and chirpy little bleeps. It makes the music great for clubs AND for falling asleep on the train to. Genius!

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Change Channel

Lo-Fi-Fnk - City



The first time i heard Revl9n was on the Digital Penetration compilation. Their song "Closer" wasnt the best advert for them, but they were recently remixed by Sebastian, and although his remix is yet another stroke of genius, Walking Machine is actually a really good slice of 80s electro-pop, matched with vocals like a punkier Madonna

Listen to Walking Machine at their Myspace

Revl9n - Walking Machine (Sebastian remix)

This is getting way too long, so ill finish up with everyone that ive missed out:
GOTO80 (Chiptune/8-bit/C64 gods), Tor Bruce (ridiculously poppy lo-fi keyboard demos), Fox 'n' Wolf
(Dirty Electro), The Knife, Haxor och Porr

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