Monday, 3 December 2007

And So It Begins...

photo : missinateacup

"It will be the story about a miracle worker who is living in our time and who doesn't work any miracles. He knows that he is a miracle worker and that he can perform any miracle, but he doesn't do so.He is thrown out of his flat and he knows that he only has to wave a finger and the flat will remain his, but he doesn't do this; he submissively moves out of the flat and lives out of town in a shed.He is capable of turning this shed into a fine brick house, but he doesn't do this;he carries on living in the shed and eventually dies, without having done a single miracle in the whole of his life." - Kharms

Ah Mondays...
lucky for you lot i saved a little bit of my sunday sunshine to help float you through the day.
here's a little 45-min jazz mix i did to get me through the gaps in the sunshine.
i lost the tracklisting while i was doing it but if anyone really wants it i'll go and work it on out.

Zarcorp presents - Breakfast


Anonymous said...

I bet jazz is r8 easy to beatmatch.

Im still obsessed with soup of germs. Ill send some mixes your way soon.

Hewett Alexander said...

for sure.

dalston shopper said...

Nice one Faley. I will link it to the Dalston Oxfam Shop. In the meantime, maybe you would like this little early Smylonylon 6 mix which is sort of 60s jazz.

Side A

Side B

tendice said...

Liking it faley :D
good times.

Dani said...

Is it me, or does the song that's 19 minutes in have samples from The Mighty Boosh mixed in with it?

The Disco Biscuit said...

great blog!
u guys own!