Tuesday, 4 December 2007

photo : missinateacup

sometimes you come across a band that makes your head go fuzzy.
you go mad with excitement, watch them at every possible moment and freak out telling all your mates about how they're going to take over the world..
..and then they split up.

two bands are guilty of such a crime in the past 10 years...Clor & Jarcrew.
and having just signed to Parlaphone Records (clor's label) i've managed to 'happen across' a bunch of unreleased Clors demos from their unfinished second album and a couple of lovely remixes i'd never heard...oh how the love comes flooding back.
not only that but a hero at parlaphone gave me his Jarcrew t-shirt. admitably its way too big for me but still...best thing i've ever been given.

anyway..ere's a little clor remix from the b-side to Good Stuff.
more clor to come. lots more.

Clor - Dangerzone (Acid Workout)


Alex Egan said...

you should check out barringtone (who is ex-clor)...in fact you should come to walk the night on 14th december to see them live! was that a plug? i think so...

thanks for this track, very very nice

bash said...

Clor were brilliant, i loved that album!

I was happy to hear a familiar voice when listening to the track "love" on simian mobile disco's album!

Anonymous said...

Clor were geniussss, I miss em. Barringtone's ace too (I like his remix of S&tW)

Cybervixen said...

wow old post i know haha
but omg i hate hate hate it when that happens ;(

it also pained me as i was reading all these old posts and i saw one about Copycats and how they were new and rad at the time you wrote that and it made me sad coz they split up not long ago and i havnt stopped the mourning :( haha


i love you faley