Thursday, 6 December 2007

Nottin'ham...Chapter 1


better known for guns and a guy in green tights... lesser known for music and everything else. here be some musical nuggets from the midlands.

Clarky Cat
Electronic post-punk stuffs from 4 well boom whippersnappers from notts signed to Heavenly Records. We've known em for ages now and they keep getting better and better. Singer/Guitar wrangler Arne Blackman also bashes out a few remixes every now and then for the likes of Klaxons & Good Books which you can find here

Clarky Cat - Decide
Shit Disco - Reactor Party (Arne Blackman Remix)

Lillica Libertine
19 year old lillica is on his way places. i knew that ages ago and now he's gone and proved it...he's remixed the likes of Does It Offend You, Yeah! & Dead Kids, started a clubnight at Stealth called Fresh Out Of Death & signed to Botchip & Scarper. Not bad eh?
His debut EP is out on the 14th of January via B&S and here's a little taster of the things to come...

Lillica Libertine - Loose Lips Sink Ships

La La Lupus - for some reason no-one even from nottingham i meet seem to really know about these guys. Criminal. Go watch/listen/buy/fuck them at every possible moment. thats an order.

La La Lupus - Neon Skull
late of the pier - Space & The Woods (La La Lupus Refuck) (EXXXCLUSIVE)

Late Of The Pier
some other band

late of the pier - broken (live at nottingham social) (EXXXCLUSIVE)

started as a duo responsible in part for the Klaxons first getting noticed with thier amazing Gravitys Rainbow mix which in turn got em signed to french fashion/music label Kitsuné. Now a one-man disco-biscuit-hero he's moved down to the big smoke but he's still churning out the remixes and starting parties wherever he DJ' we'll let him off for leaving us.

Not only is Matt a fucking great guy, he's willing to prove it by doing you all a special mix of disco classics.

Nightmoves - Chins Up Disco Mix (EXXXCLUSIVE)

i'll be posting more nottingham heros you should stalk soon but in the meantime why dont you chat up these..

Your Mum/My Mum DJs
Ricky Haley (Liars Club)
Liars Club


Dani said...

My music collection thanks you greatly for all these fab MP3s.

jehan said...

I miss the Market Square. Which Social gig is the LOTP track from?

faley said...

The Bodega Ball w/ teenagers, tinchy styder and a bunch of others. was a good night :)

catalina said...

i'm really digging clarky cat

tapes said...

nice to see the old YM/MM get a mention in the Notts hall of fame.. much love. excited about your tour. let me know if you need a t-shirt stand man.