Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Something Old & Something New

photo: funforever

Couldn't really find anything borrowed or blue so lets just stick with old and new eh?
i've not been able to stop playing these songs... so i figured why not share em.

the chorus to This Corrosion has lodged itself somewhere inbetween my ear and my brain for a week or two now and refuses to move.
all together now.. 'Hey Now Hey Now Now'
yeah. tune.

and ok so Dinamo's not quite new (released in '05 i think) but this simple little vocal edit by Sweet Fred's got me going all over again.

Old : Sisters Of Mercy - This Corrosion

New : Nathan Fake - Dinamo (andre breton sweet fred edit)

1 comment:

Sam said...

The dinamo edit is so sweet, keep posting stuff like that! I also like the zarcorp mix, all in all this is a sweet blog.