Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Teenagers

can do it better.


is 2 14 year olds, making perfectly produced electro/rock hybrid songs and remixes in a similar style, of all their danish friends. I can hear a lot of great influences in there, and they've got amazing potential. They really know their stuff and i wouldn't be surprised at all if they were the next justice, once they've finished their SATs. Electrojuice have already had a feature in a pretty huge Danish music magazine (see picture), so we won't have to wait long either.

Electrojuice - Cut Your Fingers Off

Late of the Pier - Broken (Electrojuice remix)



These 2/3 utterly sexual beings from Manchester have only been around for a portion of a month, but they've already shat out 5 whole songs (most of which were made on a digital 4 track) and been remixed countless times (once or twice). They have a dress sense that can only be described as somewhere between retro and retard, and their pictures are bare genius. Go eat them.

COPYCATS - Bedroom Demon


Death by Television

My homeboy Harry Hunt of age 16, raised on nothing but punk, got hold of a gameboy and did things to it that its too young to understand. Its a bit like a younger David E Sugar with emphasis on the E. Right now hes got a new addition to the band and is collecting every kids music toy from before tiger electronics died or sony/hasbro lost their imagination. Live sets will be coming in your face soon, book him up for january time?

Late of the Pier cover - a slice of genius, download it

DBTV - Hybrid Moments - yes, its a cover, but its nothing like t'original


More soon, when my memory returns. Tell me if you want me to do you or want me to do someone else that is a real teenager.



Dani said...

Way to give me a quarter-life crisis, Issac. I'm old and unaacomplished at 20 compared to these whippersnappers.

Anonymous said...

His name is Leon and he's 17. I believe that qualifies

Marisa said...

AND I've got another in addition to Leon.

I believe they're all age-d 17 or 18.

mofo fabulous fools haha

Benny K said...

loved that gameboy cover of space and the woods! so using that as the motif for my psycho if i ever direct a horror film, you know, to be 'ironic'

or farmyard rave:

and their buddies ( ones from my hometown of winchester apparently):

and my friends band...:

Anonymous said...


actually so amazing.