Thursday, 13 December 2007

Here to bring down the general tone of the blog.

Hallo, bonjour, chow, and shalom

"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever."
- Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)
quotes are good when it takes a while to work out what they mean... I still dont fully understand this one, so it must be great!!1 :]

Anyway, i salute you all in my first post, one that will be truly fantastic and will certainly not disappoint. It has been a long time coming, but the reason i have been saving my zarcorp virginity for so long is in order to knock out this bucket of ear soup all in your face. (sorry)

Mix= 3 parts electro:2 parts egg white (mp3, 46 mins)

Its the first thing ive done with Mrs. Ableton. If you don't like it i will cry tears from a puréed ego.


Klaxons - Atlantis to interzone (so me remix)
Mystery Jets - Diamonds in the Dark
Justice - Phantom pt II (Soulwax remix)
Dandi Wind - Safety Dance
Danger - 11h30
Das Pop - Helpless Fool For Love (Sebastian remix)
Gay Against You - Sooo Heat
Para One - F.U.D.G.E
Scanners - Lowlife (LA Riots remix)
50 Hertz - Sewing Machine
Queens of the Stone Age - Do it Again
Electrojuice - Cut Your Fingers Off
Scenario Rock - Skitzo Dancer (Justice remix)
Metronomy - Hear to Wear
Justice - The Party
Ultravox - Dancing with tears in my eyes
The Notwist - One with the freaks

Its a sticky surprise for all the family!


Hewett said...

Im enjoying the labels you've attached to this hahaha

Sexy mix,
give us morrre

will force said...

the mix is awesome
i love it.
very well mixed (:

Anonymous said...

It is genius as ever.

Pen said...

This is absolute, irrevocable genius. I've listened to it about five times in a day. We need more! hehe Keep up the work

Anonymous said...


. . .Micheal Jackson. . .SHAMONE

p.s are you below the age of 5. . . I'm hungry. . .