Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Who'll be great in 2008?

photo courtesy : bbc

We know it's slightly cliche to be 'tipping' people for the top, especially when they're already on their way up and the media machine is in full flow.

So, we tried to be a little different and get two stalwarts of the emerging music scene to give us their tips for 2008. Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw are top people and host the TV show Sound on BBC 2 and Switch on BBC Radio 1.

Annie's choices :


"She's a cross between punk funk and hip hop. If you like Blondie you'll like it. If you like M.I.A. you'll like it. It's that broad"


"She's a girl from Chicago who's a rapper. She is amazing. She's just done a track with Kanye West so she's definitely on the up"


"I don't know much about these guys except that they're great"

Nick's choices :


"Sound alot like Paul Simon. Lot's of African beats & cool rhythms"


"She's this skinny little white girl who sings like some big black momma from the 50's. She's got a big voice. She's full of loads of revengeful songs"


"He lives down my street which is a bonus - he's like some scruffy Russian punk poet. He's wicked. A good lyricist"

Here's a clip of Florence when she played at Filthy Few in May 2007.


Catalina said...

kid harpoon will one day rule the world. pretty much.

Anonymous said...

i never tagged onto the whole kid harpoon thing. he always played near me but i never 'got harpooned' so to speak

vampire weekend are very very good, as is santogold. kid sister's alright but she's sort of a tackier amanda blank (from spank rock). so yeah, vampire weekend i definately agree with, i've already heard the album and it's brilliant. who i'm excited about, though, is YOU GUYS! and Born Ruffians' album, and the second coming of Metronomy. Oh, and Pete and the Pirates' album? and Free Blood of course (!!! were way too camp, although i did enjoy their latest album more than any of the others despite it sounding like men women and children a little bit at points)

Anonymous said...

Indeed - LOTP were missing from the list. As were Cajun Dance Party. But in some eyes, I think it's already seen that they're at boiling point, and ready to froth over - dose the flames of hype and firmly embody themselves in our musical fabric. They will both be's not a matter of IF but WHEN.

Thanks for the replies!

Debate is king.


dalston shopper said...

Glad to see the Vampire Weekend love. Ive been on these guys most of the year and saw two of their shows. They are one of the best live acts I have seen - not so much because they are wacky on stage or something but because they sound great and are really tight.