Friday, 7 December 2007

Don't Tech-no For An Answer

Photo: i wish i knew

“the one-word poem eliminates the reading process entirely—it makes the word both instantaneous and continuous, like the eternal Present.”

'the noises of the garden among the noises of the room'

'a window to walk away in'

'my arms are warm'


Rico Balboa's a hero.
he looks after me like a brother everytime i visit germany.
i'm going to start a campaign to get a statue of him erected in a berlin park.
here's a 50-min techno/minimal mix he's done for you so that you may join the campaign.

spread the word.
the word is ENRICO.

Rico Balboa - Sonnengruss (EXXCLUSIVE)


danC90 said...

photo is of a dan flavin exihibition if u were looking for that kinda answer..

yournameischohiro said...

i like eeet.