Monday, 17 December 2007

I Love Shoe.

So...the rather lush Lovefoxx (CSS) got hit by a shoe over the weekend in Brighton - leaving the band to finish the song without her and cutting short their gig at The Dome.

It prompted us to think about other items that get thrown on stage during gigs.

Legendary crooner Tom Jones was famed for having pants thrown at him when performing. Dave Grohl got the same treatment from some chicks at the front of his gig. ..except he got a thong.

Here's Panic At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie getting a bottle of water thrown at him.

And Madonna getting rather mad at people for chucking stuff her way. Keep watching. Later on she tells people her gig "isn't a barbeque".

and perhaps the most impressive of displays - check out the volley of bottles thrown at 50 Cent and The Game when they played Reading Festival. Nothing like a good old fashioned 'Welcome to Britain' to bring these US rap stars down to earth with a bang.

Lastly, girl du jour Kate Nash has lemons thrown at her when knocking out her Radio 2 favourite 'Foundations'.

Not that we'd ask you to sit through 3 minutes of the Nash (rhymes with?) forward to 40 seconds to see the moment in question.

And remember. Zarcorp does not endorse the throwing of items on stage. Don't do it kids. It's bad. Unless of course it's Razorlight.


Anonymous said...

Dave grohl is holding an egg :]

Jiub said...

haha i like the 50 cent one
its like that scene from Hero except with bottles :D

Anonymous said...

can i throw jelly cubes at you?
at least they could bounce back, that way it's fun
i'll see you boys at The Joiners in february; CAN'T WAIT

ps: my friend went to that Brighton gig and was disappointed they finished early. but at least he didn't miss Metronomy's set which i am jealous about not seeing...i only saw Black Eye/Burnt Thumb at reading...