Sunday, 9 March 2008

I'd like to Converse....

photo : me

I headed out to London's Hoxton Bar & Grill the other night for free alcoholic lubrication and the chance to see FOALS in intimate surroundings.
The party was to celebrate 100 years of Converse. 
Dirty Pretty Things were also on the bill but the real buzz was for FOALS.
Put simply. They were sublime.
Interesting, fast paced, excited, dance-able , well constructed ear damage.
Their debut album's due to drop fairly soon but check out their Myspace or Hype to listen to their tracks. The problem is, I don't think they do them justice.
Live they are simply energy and excellence personified. 
I'm dying to see them on a stage soon but their tour takes them to Europe and the US up until June and I'm missing their London gig in the coming weeks.


Benny K said...

you've never seen foals until now?
i first saw them the same day i saw you i think, at underage. followed you both at festivals and gigs around the south since

Anonymous said...

I'm not in the band!
But no - I've not seen them till now - been meaning too and now how I kick myself that I haven't seen them!
Still - they'll tour again!


benny k said...

Yeah! If you haven't heard the album already, I'd check out some of their b-sides. I find them to be the best. Check out Dearth and The Chronic, or Tron from the album. But still, seeing them live now is probably the best time to, seeing as the albums coming out and there are loads of b-sides and stuff. Did they do their Hollerback Girl intro or not? The sessions they did with Four Tet are worth a look too, but they're much more...Four Tetty? haha

I very much like this blog. Last time I saw LOTP was at Southampton Joiners. Noticed the indie wonderboy that is Jack Shankly there, which was odd. He seems to crop up everywhere.

Keep up the goods boys and girls, and never give in the the man. If he actually exists, maybe give in just a little, it might be a laugh.

And just so I know, when will the next time you come to the Winchester/Southampton/Portsmouth area be? Let me know!