Sunday, 16 March 2008

Late of the Pier's Homecoming gig!

more band photography, tell me what you think!

This is all at the Polish Eagle Club in Nottingham, a relatively unassuming venue but it gave a nicer feel to what was probably the best gig of the past few months, with three absolutely amazing bands to match.

The main support were Kap Bambino and their lead singer, Khima France was an absolute joy to shoot. She had much energy and emotion, and kept coming into the crowd to get the semi-polish crowd to move a bit more.


Kap Bambino
Kap Bambino
Kap Bambino
Kap Bambino

Faley DJd for most of the night, i had a slot just after la la lepus while he went to get drinks, but i ran out of songs. Later on while Faley was preoccupied one half of La La Lepus took up the decks and didnt dissapoint.

Faley and La La

Late of the Pier were truly on form. If you know how much lead singer Sam strains his vocals in songs such as Focker and Bathroom Gurgle you can appreciate how spot on this performance was. Its also possibly the first time theyve had an entire run through of all the entire album's worth of songs!

I'm pretty pleased with the results i got from the entire night. The Lighting could have been better but bands like these are so easy to shoot, its all about energy, emotion and movement.

Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier

The other photographers who were around were Tim Eastgate (yes, a relative) and Danny North, shooting for the NME. You can probably spot them in a few of my photos, and they are tagged if you have a look in flickr.

Late of the Pier's set up


Anonymous said...

I think I have realised that you are a non-shit band photographer.

Anonymous said...

im not sure what im supposed to think about that.


Benny K said...

I think Kap Bambino are like a better, Frencher Crystal Castles/Gay Against You
and I'm a dab hand with a camera but my Pentax MX failed me when I took photos for a friends band once
I've since bought an LX
old skool
peace and carrots

Catalina said...

the photos are great, especially the one's of sam in the crowd

Isaac Ashe said...

Hi there, my name's Isaac and I'm a reporter for the Loughborough Echo newspaper, which is actually one of Late Of The Pier's local rags.
Is it possible to -
A - do an interview with the band for the paper
B - get in touch with whoever deals with their regional PR to keep up to date with them and
C - be their friend.
If any of the above are possible please email me at or call me on 01509 635820.
PS Isaac is the best name ever.